Photos at Jefferson Westshore in Tampa, Florida

Committed to Doing More

Over 60 years ago, the site of Jefferson Westshore held one of Tampa’s most admired ceramic tile companies, Tiffany Tile. The company made tiles so fine that they only hired workers of the highest skill. Those who worked here were proud to work here. And we’re proud to have built Jefferson Westshore on these grounds. Times may have changed, but we like to think we approach our business with the same level of care and commitment that made Tiffany Tile so highly sought after in its day. In fact, design decisions we made while building Jefferson Westshore were made to honor the history of this location.

In the 1960’s Tiffany Tile became Wenczel Tile, a company with its own storied past and its own well-known commitment to excellence. Wenczel Tile continued to operate on this site until changing economic conditions resulted in the business’s closure in 1993.

For many years, the manufacturing plant and warehouse remained vacant. But we did not forget what this site meant to the Tampa community for over half a century. We took the time and effort to reclaim aspects of the manufacturing plant and commissioned local artists to create unique pieces that are beautiful additions to the community. Using rescued parts of the plant, local Florida artist Jacob Harmeling designed the stunning tree sculpture that sits out front of Jefferson Westshore, while his wife, Jacquelyn Harmeling, created the custom bench featured in our lobby.

There are many things to love about Jefferson Westshore. We hope, as you take in the wonderful homes and great amenities, you take some time to consider the history of where you are. This was a vital part of South Tampa for decades. And it’s a vital part once again